About Us

YAHNIAN ESTATE PLANNING is an affiliate of YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION and of DSA ACCOUNTING . Each company is 100% owned by D. STEVEN YAHNIAN, Tax Attorney/CPA/CFP®/LLM(Tax)/Certificate (Tax-UCLA).

Mr. Yahnian is a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Specialist in the following

  • Estate Planning, Trusts, and Probate Law
  • Taxation Law

YAHNIAN ESTATE PLANNING serves as the Estate Planning and Estate Administration information resource for persons seeking Estate Planning and Administration assistance. Once you contact YAHNIAN ESTATE PLANNING, you will be referred to either YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION or DSA ACCOUNTING for the appropriate professional services.

YAHNIAN LAW CORPORATION provides all manner of estate planning, probate, trust administration, asset protection planning and other services, except for tax return preparation. All tax return preparation, is provided by DSA ACCOUNTING .

NOTE: Other Advisors, CPAs and Attorneys often refer their clients or client situations to STEVE YAHNIAN when the Estate issues or problems are beyond their experience, time constraints, workload or skills. At their request, we either take over the matter completely or in the alternative, remain in the background reviewing their work, the situation or circumstances, as they develop, thus enabling the other professional who engages us to assist them, to more effectively address the Estate issues, or represent their clients and reach a successful resolution or estate planning result.

The Estate Planning and Estate Administration Advantages and Benefits we offer to our Clients

  • Numerous Estate Plans. Yahnian has prepared and been a consultant on numerous estate plans, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate oriented documents.
  • Business Succession Plans. Yahnian has also prepared many business succession plans to keep family enterprises in the family as successful going concerns, and without the need to liquidate to pay taxes.
  • Hundreds of Estate and Trust Administrations. Yahnian has also handled significant numbers of Estate and Trust Administrations.
  • Estate and Gift Tax Returns. Yahnian has prepared and been a consultant to other estate professionals with respect to numerous estate and gift tax returns, including valuation discount issues as well as determining factors that could be used to obtain step up in income tax basis of estate assets for the tax benefit of beneficiaries and heirs.
  • Certified Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate Law Specialist. Mr. Yahnian is a California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Certified Estate Planning, Trusts and Probate attorney. This means that he is recognized by his peers as having a high level of experience and expertise in estate planning. There are very few California State Bar Certified Specialists in California as a percentage of the total number of admitted lawyers.
  • Certified Tax Law Specialist. He is also a California State Bar Certified Tax Lawyer, which means that in this day and age of complex tax laws impacting estate planning he is uniquely positioned to advise you upon and prepare estate plans that take tax laws into consideration and plan accordingly. There are relatively few lawyers who are California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization Certified Tax Specialists.
  • Experience. He has been in practice since 1980.
  • Expertise. In all his years of practice, Mr. Yahnian has prepared numerous estate plans from the small and simple to the large and complex. He has also handled numerous estate administrations including probates, non probate proceedings and procedures also known as summary estate administration, Living Trust Administrations, preparation of Estate Tax Returns, and other post mortem planning.
  • Business, Real Property and Tax Lawyer. He is also a Business, Real Estate and Tax lawyer. Estate planning is not practiced in a vacuum, and those areas of law also come into play in estate planning and estate administration.
  • Many Successes and Victories for Clients. Mr. Yahnian has a track record of extraordinary success in handling estate matters.
  • CPA/CFP. He is also a CPA and a CFP which means he has significant familiarity with tax, accounting, business, insurance, annuity, and retirement plan matters, both from a legal and non legal standpoint. He can converse knowledgeably with your accountant and your financial planner, insurance advisor and stock broker as they combine to help plan your estate and related financial affairs.
  • Excellent Staff. He has an excellent staff of paralegals and legal assistants ready to provide him and you with expert and knowledgeable assistance as you implement your estate plan.
  • Continuing Education. In the never ending world of changes to the law, Mr. Yahnian attends estate planning seminars on a continual basis becoming familiar with the cutting edge concepts, tools and techniques put forth in the profession and the newest attacks by the government on existing planning techniques.
  • Cutting Edge Technology. Mr. Yahnian’s office has implemented the latest technologies and subscribes to the most complete and up to date online legal databases in order to have comprehensive and current information at his fingertips at a moment’s notice.